Rodent Control

Keep Your House Rodent-Free

Learn about our rodent control services in Weldon, Lake Isabella & Wofford Heights, CA

When rodents make themselves at home in your house, big problems often follow. Mice and rats can damage your belongings, get into your food and spread germs throughout your home. If you need rodent extermination services in Weldon, Lake Isabella or Wofford Heights, CA don't delay-get in touch with C & R Pest Control Inc today.

When you choose us for rodent control services, you can rest assured your home is in the hands of an expert exterminator. We will:

Locate the areas the rodents frequent
Place baits and traps to catch mice and rats
Find and close the entry points the rodents used to get into your home

Ridding your home of rodents has never been easier thanks to C & R Pest Control. Contact us today to schedule rodent
extermination services.

Get rodent extermination results you can trust

If you're ready to fight back against the rodents roaming your halls, reach out to C & R Pest Control today. Our rodent control specialists in Weldon and Lake Isabella, CA are fully equipped to deal with rodent infestation of all types and sizes. We use a variety of trap types, including:

  • Bait stations
  • Sticky traps
  • Snap traps


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